Veerabhadra temple in Lepakshi

Known for its sculptures and architectural excellence, the Veerabhadra temple in Lepakshi is one of the most renowned shrines in India. Situated on a rocky hillock, the temple is dedicated to the fierce Veerabhadra avatar of Lord Shiva.

Veerabhadra temple in Lepakshi is a notable example of the Vijayanagara architectural style and is renowned for its numerous peculiarities. Some of the major highlights include a rock chain, Vastu Purush, Padmini race lady, Durga Paadam, hanging pillar and the monolithic Nagalinga among others.

The sanctum sanctorum houses a life-size image of Veerabhadra carved with ornaments of skulls and other weapons. It is said that Sage Agasthya installed the image here.

A huge Ganesha moorti, murtis of Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva are carved in the walls of this temple. In addition, there is a cave chamber here where Sage Agasthya is said to have lived.

Apart from Veerabhadra, there are other deities like Papanatheswara, Raghunatha, Sri Ram and Durga too. The temple is a popular tourist destination especially for a day trip from Bangalore.

Moreover, it is also the home of a hanging pillar that barely touches the ground. It is a unique architectural wonder that has received international recognition.

Another striking feature of the Lepakshi temple is its collection of mural paintings on the ceiling. These are some of the finest specimens in the Vijayanagara period, and are particularly impressive because of their strikingly contrasted color schemes. A 24 by 14 ft fresco of Veerabhadra on the ceiling before the main sanctum sanctorum is the largest in India, and the other works are awe-inspiring.

Veerabhadra temple Lepakshi is also famous for its beautiful murals depicting dancers and musicians. These are carved on a stucco surface specially treated with lime, and the artistry of the sculptors is unsurpassed.

According to Hindu beliefs, this place was visited by Rama, who compassionately called Jatayu, the bird that had been wounded by Ravana, king of Lanka, during his quest to save Sita from being kidnapped. When Rama reached the site, he compassionately said to Jatayu, “Le Pakshi,” meaning “Rise, O Bird,” in Telugu.

This explains why the people of this place call it “Le Pakshi” or “Rise, O Bird,” and why it is popularly known as the “Bird’s Nest.” It is also a common practice for devotees to visit the temple in the hopes of getting their wishes fulfilled. For instance, if they wish for marriage or children, they go to the temple and place thousands of serpent stones as vowed by them.

Veerabhadra temple Lepakshi is a prominent place of worship in the ancient village of Lepakshi, located at about 15 km from Hindupur town in Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is a historical, cultural and heritage place and is very famous for its pristine beauty and enchanting legends.

How to Reach Veerabhadra temple Lepakshi ?

The Veerabhadra temple in Lepakshi can be accessed by car or bus. Several buses are available from Anantpur, Hindupur and Bengaluru.

Veerabhadra temple Lepakshi is a must-visit on your trip to Andhra Pradesh. It is ranked by the Archaeological Survey of India as a monument of national importance. Moreover, the Union minister of tourism and culture Kishan Reddy recently announced that the government is working towards pitching the 16th-century temple for a UNESCO heritage tag. This is a great honor and could well bring this historic and architectural marvel a step closer to the world stage.

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