Garjiya Mandir

Garjiya Devi Mandir
  • Garjia Mandir is an ancient temple and one of the Shaktipeeth in India, located in the middle of the Kosi River and dedicated to the goddess Girjia (which literally means the daughter of the mountain, the name of Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva).
  • It is situated in Garjiya village of Ramnagar at Nainital district of Uttarakhand.
  • It is very famous temple of Uttarakhand alongside with Shri Hanuman Dham, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple and Jageshwar Dham and one of the oldest Devi temples in India.
  • The mandir is near Corbett National Park on the way to the Dhikhala zone and museum.
  • Inside the temple, “Maa Garjiya sits in the center of the temple, adorned with red gold chunri, floral ornaments and garlands, and bless all the bhakts who come to meet her“.
  • The temple always remain open for its devotee throughout the year.
  • To get to the top of the temple, you have to climb a steep staircase and there you can see the 4.5 feet tall Garjiya Devi idol. There is an idol of Garjiya Devi, 4.5 feet high, as well as idols of Devi Saraswati, Lord Ganesha and Batuka Bhairava.
  • In Garjiya Mandir, there is also the statue of Laxminarayan which is many years old.

Garjiya Mandir Timing:


Maa Garjiya


Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

Entry Fee



7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Best Time to Visit

In Kartik Purnima 

Festival Celebrated

Kartik Purnima

Nearest Railway Station

Ramnagar Station

Nearest Airport

Pantnagar Airport

Nearest Hill Station

Ranikhet and Nainital

garjiya mandir

Garjiya Mandir Story

  • Girya, being one of the avatars of the goddess Parvati, blessed the whole place with her presence, and it is believed that after living at the rock, the river Kosi never flooded again. To add to the interesting endless history of the temple, some locals claim that in order to control the overflowing river Kosi, a devotee of Lord Shiva asked Garjiya, his sister, to marry Kosi and live there to control the river’s fury. In another narration, we come across a devotee of Shiva who asks Garjiya (Lord Shiva’s sister) to marry Kosi and settle there to control the fury of the river.
Garjiya Mandir Ramnagar

Garjiya Mandir History

  • Prior to this, this temple was only one of the most famous in the exploration of the British in their records of the exploration of British India. Although the temple was less known in the early 1940s, its religious significance has made this temple popular and worshipers visit it every year. Originally discovered in 1840 by the rulers of Ramnagar, Katyuri, this temple has been guarded and rebuilt many times by the temple authorities, offering an incredible infrastructure considering the attraction of the crowd that increases from year to year. This temple was much less known before 1940, but in recent years the number of believers has increased to a lakh.
Weather of Garjiya Mandir

Weather of Garjiya Mandir during:

Summers  - March to June

25°c – 41°c

Monsoon  - July to Sep

11°c – 28°c

Winter   -  Oct to Feb.

6°c – 16°c

Garjiya Mandir Ramnagar Uttarakhand
Some Interestings Facts about Garjiya Mandir
  • The villagers near this temple are adamant that Garjiya Mata has the power to fulfill the wishes of his devotees, which is why this temple attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. The locals have great faith in this temple and believe that their wishes can be fulfilled if they offer prayers here. During prayer, devotees offer Devi coconut, red clothes, kumkum, etc. The main belief of this temple is that devotees who come with a desire to get married will appear in a few months, and even childless couples are blessed with children soon after visiting this temple.
  • Visiting the Temple is open to tourists all year round, except for the rainy season, when the water level in the Kosi River rises. Garjiya Devi Mandir watches over its huge crowd of devotees, mostly during the Kartik Purnima period. Tourists visit the temple to bow to Maa Garjiya and then bath in the waters of the river in the crystal clear waters.
  • On the day of Kartik Purnima, a large fair is held at the Garjiya Mandir, which attracts thousands of devotees from far away places. If you get a chance to visit the temple during Kartik Purnima, you will see dozens of devotees lighting lamps and seeking blessings. The view from the top of the cliff where the temple is located is good, and the mountains and Kosi River add their grace. Moving forward, through a small bridge connecting the two sides of the temple, you can see the sparkling waters of the Kosi River and local residents bathing in the water or just sitting next to it, enjoying the cool breeze.
How to Reach Garjiya Mandir
  • By Air – If you are going by air then you have to arrive at Pantnagar Airport. From Pantnagar the temple is 90 km. far. You can easily take bus from there.
  • By Train – If you are going by train you have to arrive at Ramnagar Railway Station. From Ramnagar it is 17 km. far. You can easily opt bus, cab or auto for the mandir.
  • By Road– If you are going Garjiya Mandir by road, then you have to arrive at Ramnagar. From Ramnagar you can easily opt bus, cab or auto for the mandir.
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