Naina Devi Temple Nainital

About Naina Devi Temple Nainital

  • Naina Devi Temple Nainital is an ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Naina Devi located at the shores of the Great Lake of Nainital, at the heart of Uttarakhand’s Nainital district. Located on the banks of the Naini Lake, Naina Devi Temple isĀ considered one of India’s most venerated temples as well as one of Nainitals best-visited places.Ā 
  • The temple is situated in a Naina Hillock near the Lake, which draws large numbers of devotees all the time. Another temple which is very much worshipped by Nainitalites is Golu Devta Temple, located on Ghorakhal Hill, accompanied by the views of Bhimtal Lake.

Naina Devi Temple History

  • Naina Devi Temple has the goddess Naina represented as two eyes. One ofĀ the most popular tourist spots of Nainital, the Naina Devi Temple is mentioned to be from 15th century (AD) or the KushanĀ Period. In fact, the entire city (Nainital), beautiful Lake Naini, and the Naini Temple, are all named after this temple.

Story of Naina Devi

  • According to Hindu mythology, Naini Devi temple in Nainital marks the place where Goddess Satis eyes fell to the ground,Ā after Lord Shiva carried her cremated remains, taking them from the fires of a yagna performed by her. It is one of theĀ temples built over the remains of Goddess Sati, and is considered to be extremely holy and unadulterated by the devotees.Ā According to Hindu mythology, this temple was built at the place where Goddess Satis eye fell, after Lord Vishnu had choppedĀ off 51 different parts of her body. Inside the main shrine, you can perform darshan to the three gods — the extreme left isĀ the Kali Devi, in the middle, which represents two netras, or eyes, is Maa Naina Devi, and on the right is an idol of LordĀ Ganesh.

How to Reach Naina Devi Temple

  • By Air ā€“ Nearest Airport is Pantnagar Airport(55 km.). From there you can easily reach mandir by bus or taxi.
  • By Train ā€“ Nearest Railway Station is Kathgodam railway station (35 kms.). From there you can easily reach mandir by bus or taxi.
  • By Road ā€“ The temple is situated 3 km. far from Nainital Bus Stand. It is well connected by road.
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