Jageshwar Dham Uttarakhand

About Jageshwar Dham Uttarakhand

  • Jageshwar Dham Uttarakhand is located about 36 km. northeast of Almora district, in the Kumaun region of the Indian state of Uttarakhand.
  • The temples have many stone shivingams surrounded by carvings of various deities. There is also a temple dedicated to Vridh Jageshwar or Old Shiva located on the higher slopes.
  • Jageshwar is very well known for its temple complex consisting of 124 large and small ancient temples of Lord Shiva dating between the 7th and 12th centuries, which is why it¬†is also popular as Jageshwar Dham and a major tourist attraction in Uttarakhand.
  • Jageshwar Dham Uttarakhand can be reached by road from Haldwani, at a distance of approximately 120 km. and about 101 km from Nainital.

Jageshwar Temple Uttarakhand timing and facts:-


Shiva, Vishnu and other


Almora, Uttarakhand

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6am - 8pm

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  • Temple City consists of 124 large and small temples, many of which have been preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India, including Dandeshwar Temple, Chandi Temple,¬†Jageshwar Temple, Kubo Temple, Mritu Jaya Temple, Nanda Temple, Devi Temple or Nava Durga Temple, Nava – grah, Pyramid Temple and Surya Temple, the oldest of which is the¬†Mrityunjaya Temple and the largest is the Dandeshwar Temple. All these temples are located at an altitude of 1870 m. and flow into the valley of the Jataganga River.
Jageshwar Dham Uttarakhand

Architecture of Jageshwar Dham

  • Jageshwar Dham is famous for its fine architecture and is a temple complex of 124 stone temples surrounded by deodar trees and with the Jata Ganga in the background.¬†Its west wall is covered with the Vinadhara Shiva stele (the legend of the lute and Shiva, Shaivism), the north wall has the Ganesha stele (pan-Hinduism), and the east wall¬†has the yoga performance Saptamatrikas (seven mothers, the Shaktism tradition). ). The shrine faces west, and the stele inside the shrine is divided into two parts, the larger¬†part depicting Lord Shiva and the smaller one his consort Parvati.¬†

Shri Jageshwar Dham Uttarakhand History

  • There is no exact date for the construction of the Jageshwara group of temples, but according to ASI they are from the post-Gupta and pre-medieval era, estimated to be¬†around 2500 years old, and they are one of the oldest temples in India. These temples range from the 8th century (early Katyuri dynasty) to the 18th century (Chand dynasty).¬†The temples were rebuilt during the reign of the Katyuri King Shalivakhandev.¬†
  • In the main room of the temple, there is an inscription of the Malla kings indicating their devotion to Jageshwar. The Katyuri kings also donated to the priests of the¬†village’s temple for its upkeep. The Katyuri kings also donated to the priests of the village’s temple for its upkeep.
Places to visit near Jageshwar Dham
  • Old Jageshwar Temple, Jageshwar Archaeological Museum, Dandeshwar Temple, Jhankar Saim Temple, Mirtola ashram, Jhandi Top are some places to visit near Jageshwar Dham.
How to Reach Jageshwar Dham Uttarakhand
  • By AirIf you are going by air, then you have to arrive at Pantnagar Airport. From Airport the temple is 150km. far.
  • By TrainIf you are going by train, then you have to arrive at Kathgodam Railway Station. From station the temple is 120km. far. You can easily find bus, taxi from there for temple.
  • By RoadIf yoy are going by road then you have to arrive at Almora. From Almora Jageshwar Dham Uttarakhand is 32 km. far. You can easily opt taxi, bus from there for temple.
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