Vaishno Devi Darshan Time

The holy shrine of Vaishno Devi in Katra, Jammu and Kashmir, is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in India. Millions of devotees undertake the trek every year to seek blessings from the Mata Rani. An important aspect of planning your pilgrimage is understanding Vaishno Devi darshan time.

Temple Opening and Closing:

The Vaishno Devi temple complex is open for darshan throughout the year. However, there are specific timings to be aware of:

  • Morning: 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Afternoon Break: 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Temple Closed)
  • Evening: 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Aarti Timings:

The Aarti (prayer ceremony) is a significant part of the Vaishno Devi experience. The temple conducts Aartis twice daily:

  • Morning Aarti: Usually takes place around sunrise (time may vary depending on the season). Live Aarti broadcast might be available from 6:20 AM onwards.
  • Evening Aarti: Usually takes place around sunset (time may vary depending on the season). Live Aarti broadcast might be available from 7:20 PM onwards.

Planning Your Darshan:

Knowing Vaishno Devi darshan time allows you to plan your visit effectively. Here are some tips:

  • Weekdays vs. Weekends: Expect larger crowds on weekends and during festivals. Weekdays might offer a slightly shorter waiting time for darshan.
  • Aarti vs. Regular Darshan: If attending the Aarti is important, plan your trek to reach well before the ceremony. Otherwise, you can visit for darshan during any time slot the temple is open.
  • Travel Time: Factor in travel time from Katra to the Bhawan (sanctuary) when planning your darshan. The trek can take anywhere between 5 to 12 hours depending on your pace.

Additional Tips:

  • Check the official website of the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine BoardĀ for any updates or special darshan arrangements.
  • Consider booking a Yatra Parch permits online in advance, especially during peak season.
  • Pack light and wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for trekking.

By understanding Vaishno Devi darshan time and planning accordingly, you can ensure a smooth and fulfilling pilgrimage experience.

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