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Traveling is wonderful! Whether it’s a holiday overseas or road trips with friends and family, it never gets old. These are the most treasured experiences one could ever have. Viewing diverse landscapes, interacting with new people, absorbing other languages, and discovering multiple customs is the supreme act of self-exploration. You mature when traveling because you form ties with your dear ones and the locals.

It’s normal for these sorts of memories to be vivid and fresh in your mind; after all, how you can let slip such an unforgettable adventure? As a result, you should save these travel memories in both physical and electronic form so that you may share your travel experiences with your loved ones in the future.

But where do you even begin? Not to worry! We’ve got your back.

In this article, we’ve outlined the twelve greatest methods to preserve and share your travel experiences and memories with friends and family.

Let’s dive into them.

Create and circulate a travel map

If your travels require you to visit a large number of destinations in a short period of time, you can keep your loved ones back home updated with your very own online map. An interactive map lets you track where you’ve been or where and share images of the locations you are heading. This way your loved ones back home will follow you on your adventure. So, no matter where you are in the globe, share your images and videos as you go.

Vlog It

People used to have that Nikon camera where they liked to take pictures of their beautiful memories and save them for a lifetime. But this is not the case today. As time passes, so do people’s tastes in capturing moments. Today’s travelers would prefer to watch live footage of a location instead of looking back at images or anecdotes about an exciting vacation.

Well, you may accomplish this by vlogging your vacation. Everything you require is a basic camera, such as a webcam, to capture your thoughts as they happen. You can edit them using a free online video editor or image editor free online You can either store it for your family or friends, or if it’s entertaining, broadcast it to the world via social media platforms, where it could go viral.

photo book

Make a photo book

Yes, a refined, fresh photobook of your memory bank. After your journey, edit and choose your favorite photos to make a travel photobook. Remove hazy photographs, throw out screenshots, and get rid of duplicates. Next, is: how do you want to keep your photo journal? You can keep a photobook in two ways: the old-fashioned way or as a digital photocopy. 

The classic photobook method involves printing your photos and preserving them in albums to keep your memories fresh. Digital photography is less expensive and provides a plethora of creative options for looking back on when you return home. You can keep track of your journey experiences by putting many images on each page or by cutting out pictures and arranging them in a collage. 

Later on, you can post these digital collages on social media sites like Instagram and share them with your friends and family. You may also use hashtags related to your vacation, like, #afamiytrip or #timefortravel.

Create your own travel blog

Travel blogs have grown in popularity in recent years. Establishing your personal travel weblog is a terrific way to capture all of your vacation memories while somehow preserving them in one secure location. Blogging also allows you to keep all of your family members and friends at home up to date on your trips in one place. Starting a blog does not have to be expensive, though, since there are several free blog platforms accessible. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start a blog and share your adventures and the advantages of touring with others. Who knows, you might also gain an internet following!

Send picture-themed presents

When traveling, you may find yourself away from major events such as anniversaries or weddings. So, how do you fill that absence when you are back home? You can give your folks photo-themed presents. Yes, photos make great presents! They’re a great way to share your trip memories with friends and family members back home.  Send them a personalized postcard, cup, or smartphone cover featuring a photo from your vacation – the ideal personalized gift from you.And if you have any best photo editing apps, you can also send or share photos by making them. This way, you will be able to stay connected with your loved ones no matter where you travel.

A memento box

A memento box is an ideal way to commemorate a trip or vacation – at times better than a journal or album. Since you may keep small mementos and souvenirs in the boxes to remind you of the many places you visited and experiences you had. Memory boxes can be large or small, so you can store as many items as you wish in them to reflect on later. The memento box will provide you with hours of enjoyment as you rummage through the objects and photos and reflect on your trip. These boxes can be further given as gifts to friends and family so that all can reminisce about the good times. You may easily buy these keepsake boxes on Flipkart or Amazon, or you can make your own personalized one.


Sketching your thoughts or experiences while on a trip is the new thing in town for remembering vacations and adventures. Sketchnoting is a type of note-taking in which relevant pictures are used to depict the notes and make them more memorable and attractive. The nice part about sketching is that it can be readily customized for your needs. There are no rules, so individuals who enjoy drawing can have blueprints with more pictures than those who prefer words. Sketchnoting is both soothing and creative, which adds to the enjoyment of the activity.

Collect old charms

Charms or jewelry are a lovely way to remember a vacation. Many individuals have Pandora bracelets, which are ideal for this unique approach to recalling your holidays. Purchase a charm from every location you travel that remembers you of anything about that location. Gift this piece of jewelry to your friends and family who are waiting for you at home. This way, every time any of you put on these unique charms or bracelets, you or your loved ones will remember and reflect. Some regions have historic jewelry that is indicative of that location, and this is a good way to commemorate a trip or vacation.

Use a journaling app

Why don’t you make it simpler for yourself by using an app to chronicle and save your vacation memories? In this day and age, there are several iOS and Android applications that allow you to easily capture and later review your trip or vacation. The vacation is what truly matters in the final moments of the day. Try not to take so many images and films that you miss the intricacies of your vacation. Also, don’t let yourself get lost in journaling everything. After all, the greatest method to optimize potential experiences is to just be present, pay more attention to the aspects that interest you, examine them carefully, and take advantage of every minute.

Send postcards to your loved ones.

Postcards are one of the greatest ways to share your vacation memories with family and friends. Send them postcards from your travels and remember the fantastic moments you had together. Put a date and a little remark on the reverse, and you’ve got a personalized itinerary of memories for your loved ones. Postcards can be mounted alone or in groups. You may even construct a postcard wall collage.

Plan a post-trip celebration

Why not have a post-holiday party to commemorate your return from vacation? So when post-holiday melancholy sets in, throw a dinner with friends and family to show off your amazing photos and films. You’re halfway there with a screen on the wall, a few bubbles, and some munchies. A trip party allows you to relive your trip by discussing and explaining your photos and films to your guests. In this manner, you may bring your friends along on the adventure of a lifetime.

Create an online chat room

Remember there is no alternative to a genuine dialogue. Set out a handful of hours each week to phone and speak with your friends and relatives. You might begin by forming an online chat group. This capability is available in a variety of apps, including WhatsApp.


Sharing your travel experiences with others does not appear to be as tough as you would think. There are always low-cost ways to connect with your people. So, no matter how long you are away from home, you can easily share your travel experiences and  memories with your friends and family without any hassle.

We hope you like the ideas!

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