Nestled amidst the serene hills of Ramnagar, Garjiya Devi Mandir is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Parvati. While the temple itself attracts a multitude of devotees and tourists, the surrounding areas offer a treasure trove of natural wonders and cultural experiences. In this article, we will take you on a virtual tour of the top places to visit near Garjiya Devi Mandir Ramnagar, unveiling the hidden gems that await your exploration.

Places to Visit near Garjiya Devi Mandir Ramnagar


1. Jim Corbett National Park:- Jim Corbett National Park, a renowned tiger reserve, stands as a testament to India’s rich biodiversity. Located just a stone’s throw away from Garjiya Devi Mandir, this national park provides an opportunity to witness majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Embark on an enthralling jeep safari or an elephant ride, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Marvel at the diversity of flora and fauna, including the elusive Bengal tigers, leopards, elephants, and countless bird species.


2. Corbett Falls:- A short distance from the Garjiya Devi Mandir lies Corbett Falls, a captivating waterfall nestled amidst lush greenery. Take a leisurely stroll along the well-marked paths, and let the melodic sound of rushing water calm your senses. Capture the mesmerizing views and refresh your spirit with a cool dip in the crystal-clear pool at the base of the falls. Don’t forget to pack a picnic and savor the tranquil atmosphere while relishing a delightful meal amidst nature’s embrace.


3. Garjia Devi Temple:- Of course, a visit to Garjiya Devi Mandir is incomplete without exploring the temple itself. Ascend the stone steps, and as you reach the top, the awe-inspiring view of the Kosi River and the surrounding hills will leave you spellbound. Bask in the serene ambience as you offer prayers to the goddess. The annual fair held during the Karthik Poornima festival attracts a large number of devotees who seek the blessings of Garjia Devi.


4. Sitabani Temple:- Situated on the outskirts of Corbett National Park, Sitabani Temple is steeped in mythological significance. Legend has it that Goddess Sita, from the epic Ramayana, spent some time here during her exile. The temple is surrounded by a dense forest, adding an element of mystique to the overall experience. Embark on a spiritual journey as you explore the temple and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings.


5. Kosi River:- Flowing near Garjiya Devi Mandir, the Kosi River offers thrilling opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping white-water rafting experience, as you navigate through the river’s rapids. For a more relaxed getaway, opt for a riverside retreat, where you can unwind and soak in the picturesque views. The river also presents a chance to indulge in angling and catch a variety of fish.


6. Ramnagar Market:- When you visit Garjiya Devi Mandir in Ramnagar, don’t miss the chance to explore the vibrant local market. Bursting with colors, flavors, and cultural treasures, the market offers a delightful shopping experience. From traditional handicrafts and souvenirs to spices and local produce, you’ll find a myriad of items to take home as mementos. Engage in friendly bargaining with the local vendors, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of this bustling marketplace.


7. Dhikuli Village:- For a taste of the authentic rural life near Garjiya Devi Mandir, Dhikuli Village is a must-visit. Nestled amidst lush green fields and hills, this quaint village offers a glimpse into the local culture and traditions. Take a leisurely walk through the village lanes, interact with the friendly villagers, and witness their daily activities. You can even opt for a homestay experience, where you’ll have the opportunity to live with a local family, savor traditional meals, and participate in their daily chores.


8. Kaladhungi:- Step into the world of the renowned hunter-turned-conservationist, Jim Corbett, by visiting Kaladhungi. This small town was once home to Corbett, and today, it houses the Corbett Museum. Explore the museum’s exhibits, including personal belongings, photographs, and written accounts of Corbett’s adventures. Gain insights into his conservation efforts and the rich wildlife heritage of the region. Don’t forget to stroll through the serene surroundings and visit the nearby gravesite of Corbett’s loyal companion, Robin.


9. Dhangarhi Museum:- Located near the entrance of Jim Corbett National Park, the Dhangarhi Museum is a treasure trove of information about the park’s history, flora, and fauna. Immerse yourself in the exhibits that showcase the diverse ecosystem, including taxidermy displays of animals found in the region. Learn about the conservation efforts undertaken to protect the wildlife and gain a deeper understanding of the area’s ecological importance. The museum provides valuable insights that enhance your overall experience of visiting the national park.


10. Dhela Zone:- Escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Dhela Zone, located near Garjiya Devi Mandir. This lesser-known zone of Jim Corbett National Park is a haven for nature lovers. With its serene ambiance, verdant landscapes, and diverse flora and fauna, Dhela offers a peaceful retreat. Take a leisurely nature walk, listen to the melodious chirping of birds, and feel the gentle breeze caress your skin. It’s a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts to capture the raw beauty of the wilderness.

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