Kedarnath Temple Closing Date 2024

Unveiling the Closing Date of Kedarnath Temple 2024: A Guide for Devotees

The majestic Kedarnath Temple, nestled amidst the breathtaking Himalayas, beckons pilgrims year after year. However, due to the harsh winter conditions, the temple observes an annual closure. If you’re planning a spiritual journey to Kedarnath in 2024, determining the closing date is crucial.

When Does Kedarnath Temple Close in 2024?

Mark your calendars! The Kedarnath Temple is expected to close its doors on November 3rd, 2024 (tentative). This date coincides with the auspicious occasion of Bhai Dooj, which falls two days after Diwali.

Why Does the Temple Close?

The closure is necessitated by the severe winter weather that blankets the region. Heavy snowfall renders the pilgrimage route treacherous and inaccessible. The temple’s closure ensures the safety of pilgrims and protects the shrine itself from harsh conditions.

Planning Your Darshan Before Closure

While the exact closing date is subject to official confirmation, November 3rd provides a clear window for planning your pilgrimage. Here are some tips:

  • Book Early:¬†The Char Dham Yatra, including Kedarnath, witnesses a surge in visitors during the opening season. Booking your accommodation and transportation well in advance is advisable.
  • Choose the Right Weather Window:¬†May to June and September to October are generally considered the most favorable times to visit Kedarnath, offering pleasant weather for trekking.
  • Stay Updated:¬†Keep an eye on official announcements from the Uttarakhand government or temple authorities regarding the confirmed closing date.

Witnessing the Closing Rituals (Optional)

If your pilgrimage coincides with the closing period, consider witnessing the special ceremonies that precede the closure. These include:

  • The completion of the worship of Lord Bhairavnath at Ukhimath.
  • The procession carrying the “Panchmukhi Doli” (palanquin) of Lord Kedarnath from Ukhimath to Gaurikund.
  • The final prayers and closing rituals at the Kedarnath Temple.

Embracing the Spiritual Significance

While the temple’s closure might seem like an inconvenience, it holds a deeper meaning. It signifies the cyclical nature of life, with winter representing a period of rest and rejuvenation before the temple reopens its doors in spring, welcoming devotees once again.

Planning for Next Year’s Yatra

If you miss the 2024 window, start planning your pilgrimage for next year! The temple is expected to reopen on an auspicious day in May 2025.


The Kedarnath Temple closure in 2024 allows for the preservation of this sacred site and ensures the safety of pilgrims. By planning your visit beforehand and understanding the significance of the closure, you can ensure a meaningful and enriching spiritual experience.

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