How To Reach Amarnath Temple?

Unveiling the Path to Amarnath: A Guide for Pilgrims

The Amarnath Yatra, a sacred pilgrimage to the holy cave enshrining Lord Shiva’s ice lingam, is a dream for many devotees. But reaching this remote Himalayan destination requires careful planning and knowledge of the routes. This blog unravels the ways to reach Amarnath Temple, helping you embark on this spiritual journey.

Reaching the Gateway: Jammu & Srinagar

There’s no direct access to Amarnath Temple. Most pilgrims reach Jammu or Srinagar, the two main entry points.

  • By Air:┬áSrinagar Airport (SXR) is closer to both Baltal and Pahalgam, the starting points of the treks. Flights connect Srinagar to major Indian cities.

  • By Train:┬áJammu Tawi Railway Station (JAT) is well-connected to many Indian cities. From Jammu, you can hire taxis to Baltal or Pahalgam.

  • By Road:┬áJammu and Srinagar are accessible by road from various parts of India. However, this can be a long journey depending on your origin.

Choosing Your Trek: Baltal vs. Pahalgam

There are two main routes to Amarnath Cave:

  • Baltal Route:┬áThis shorter route (around 15 km) is ideal for those seeking a quicker trek. However, it’s a steeper climb and requires a good level of fitness. You can only travel by foot on this route.

  • Pahalgam Route:┬áThis scenic route, spanning 36-48 km, offers a more gradual ascent. It’s preferred by those seeking a longer experience or those with lower fitness levels. Ponies or porters can be hired for some sections.

Modes of Reaching the Cave:

  • Helicopter Service:┬áHelicopter services operate from Srinagar to Panjtarni, located 2 km from the cave. This is the fastest option but also the most expensive.

  • Trekking:┬áMost pilgrims choose to trek. Choose your route (Baltal or Pahalgam) based on your fitness level and preference.

Important Considerations:

  • Registration:┬áA compulsory online registration process is required for the Amarnath Yatra. Ensure you register well in advance.
  • Physical Fitness:┬áThe treks involve high altitude and challenging terrains. A thorough medical checkup and good physical fitness are crucial.
  • Weather Conditions:┬áThe weather in Kashmir can be unpredictable. Be prepared for cold temperatures, rain, and even snowfall. Pack accordingly.
  • Registration Dates:┬áThe Amarnath Yatra typically takes place between June and August. Registration dates are usually announced a few months before the commencement of the Yatra.


Reaching Amarnath Temple is a journey of faith and endurance. By planning meticulously, choosing the right route, and being prepared for the challenges, you can embark on this sacred pilgrimage with peace of mind. Remember, the Amarnath Yatra is more than just a trek; it’s a transformational experience that will stay with you forever.

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