How much does it cost to visit Akshardham Temple, Delhi NCR, India for foreigners

There is no entrance fee for visiting the Akshardham Temple Delhi NCR, India, for anyone, including foreigners. The temple operates as a public space accessible to all regardless of nationality or religious beliefs.

However, some additional costs might be involved during your visit:

  • Guide Tours: The temple offers guided tours in English and Hindi for a minimal fee (around ₹100 for adults and ₹50 for children). These tours provide insights into the temple’s history, architecture, and spiritual significance.
  • Boat Ride: A boat ride through the Garden of Harmony, located within the temple complex, costs ₹80 for adults and ₹40 for children. It offers a scenic perspective of the temple and surrounding gardens.
  • Musical Fountain Show: The nightly musical fountain show, “Yagna Purushna Krida,” is a popular attraction with a nominal entry fee of ₹60 for adults and ₹30 for children. This captivating show combines water jets, lights, music, and narration to depict the story of creation and the life of Lord Swaminarayan.
  • Food and Souvenirs: Several vegetarian restaurants and snack stalls operate within the temple complex, offering affordable meals and refreshments. You can also purchase souvenirs like books, CDs, and handicrafts from the temple shops.

So, while there’s no specific entry fee for foreigners, these optional activities and amenities might incur some additional costs depending on your interests. Remember, most transactions within the temple complex are cash-based, so it’s advisable to carry sufficient cash for any potential expenses.

Overall, visiting the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple offers a unique and enriching experience at no admission cost, making it accessible to everyone. Feel free to explore the temple grounds, marvel at the architecture, and enjoy the serene atmosphere at your own pace.

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