How Can You Reach Jwala Devi Temple in Himachal Pradesh

Nestled in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh, the Jwala Devi Temple is a revered pilgrimage site for Hindus. The unique feature of this temple is the flames that erupt from the natural gas fissures in the rock, considered a manifestation of the Goddess Durga.

Reaching the Jwala Devi Temple

Jwala Devi Temple enjoys good connectivity by road, rail, and air. Here’s a breakdown of the options:

  • By Air: The nearest airport is Gaggal Airport in Kangra, located approximately 50 kilometers from the temple. Taxis are readily available from the airport to reach Jwala Devi.

  • By Train: The nearest major train station is Pathankot Junction, 114 kilometers away. From Pathankot, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Jwala Devi Temple. A closer option is the Jwalamukhi Road railway station, situated 20 kilometers from the temple.

  • By Road: Jwala Devi Temple is well-connected by road to major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, and Manali. You can take a state-run bus or hire a taxi to reach the temple. Here are some popular routes:

    • Delhi to Jwala Devi Temple:¬†This route is around 475 kilometers and takes approximately 8-9 hours by car.
    • Chandigarh to Jwala Devi Temple:¬†The distance is approximately 196 kilometers,¬†with a travel time of 4-5 hours by car.
    • Manali to Jwala Devi Temple:¬†This route covers around 200 kilometers and takes approximately 5-6 hours by car.

Pro Tip: Hiring a taxi from nearby towns like Kangra or Una can be a convenient option, especially if you’re traveling in a group.

Things to Consider

  • Temple Timings:¬†The Jwala Devi Temple is open from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.¬†However,¬†specific timings for performing aarti (prayer rituals) may vary.
  • Accommodation:¬†Jwala Devi offers a range of accommodation options,¬†from budget-friendly guesthouses to comfortable hotels.¬†Booking in advance,¬†especially during peak season,¬†is recommended.
  • Dress Code:¬†As with most religious sites in India,¬†modest clothing is recommended.¬†Avoid wearing shorts,¬†sleeveless shirts,¬†or revealing clothes.
  • Shoe Etiquette:¬†It is customary to remove shoes before entering the temple sanctum.¬†Lockers are usually available for safekeeping your footwear.

Beyond the Temple

Your visit to Himachal Pradesh can be enriched by exploring the surrounding areas. Here are some nearby attractions:

  • Kangra Fort:¬†A historic fort offering panoramic views of the Kangra Valley.
  • Kangra Art Museum:¬†Housing a collection of Kangra miniature paintings.
  • Dharamsala:¬†The home of the Dalai Lama and a popular hill station.

A Spiritual Journey Awaits

Jwala Devi Temple promises a unique spiritual experience. By planning your transportation and considering the tips mentioned above, you can ensure a smooth and enriching visit to this sacred flame abode.

Remember: This blog is a starting point. It’s advisable to double-check specific timings and transportation options closer to your travel date.

FAQs on How to Reach Jwala Devi Temple in Himachal Pradesh

1. What is the nearest airport to Jwala Devi Temple?
Ans. The closest airport is Gaggal Airport in Dharamshala, located around 50 kilometers from the temple.

2. Can I reach Jwala Devi Temple by train?
Ans. Yes, the nearest railway stations are:

  • Jwalaji Road (20 km away) – narrow gauge
  • Pathankot Junction (114 km away) – broad gauge

3. How far is Jwala Devi Temple from Delhi by road?
Ans. The distance from Delhi to Jwala Devi Temple is approximately 480 kilometers.

4. Is it easy to find transportation to Jwala Devi Temple?
Ans. Jwala Devi Temple is situated on a national highway, making it easily accessible by road. You can find taxis, buses, and private vehicles for hire from nearby cities and towns.

5. What is the best way to reach Jwala Devi Temple if I am coming from Chandigarh?
Ans. Chandigarh is around 200 kilometers from the temple. You can choose between a taxi, bus, or renting a car to cover this distance.

6. Are there any other places I can visit near Jwala Devi Temple?
Ans. Yes, Himachal Pradesh has many beautiful places to explore. Some popular destinations near the temple include Dharamshala, Shimla, and Kangra.

7. Is there a specific time of year that is best to visit Jwala Devi Temple?
Ans. The temple is accessible throughout the year. However, the weather conditions can vary depending on the season.

8. Do I need to book tickets in advance to visit Jwala Devi Temple?
Ans. No, there is no need to book tickets beforehand to enter the temple.

9. Is there parking available near Jwala Devi Temple?
Ans. There are usually parking spaces available near the temple, though it can get crowded during peak season.

10. What are some things to keep in mind while visiting Jwala Devi Temple?
Ans. Dress modestly and respectfully when visiting the temple. Photography is not allowed inside the sanctum sanctorum.

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