Best resort in Pushkar

Pushkar, together with its mela (fair), is a favorite pilgrimage destination as well as a seductive draw for hippies and art enthusiasts. The sole Brahma Temple on Earth is located in this city, and the well-known Pushkar Lake serves as a further draw for tourists. Although the popular fair in November attracts the most visitors to Pushkar, a journey during the off-season is just as enjoyable. Additionally, the place you stay has a big impact on how long you remain. Comfortable resorts are ideal for a laid-back tourist excursion, while bohemian budget picks are great for longer, backpacking trips. Luxury hotels guarantee a regal, rejuvenating stay.

In this leg, we bring you the best resorts in Pushkar, suited for luxury and comfortable stays.

Ananta Spa and Resorts

Ananta Spa and Resorts is one of the finest and most prestigious resorts in Pushkar. It provides the ideal fusion of flawless elegance, conveniences, and absolute quiet. The resort, which spans 9 acres, is the perfect location for opulent wedding ceremonies, VIP conferences, and luxurious stays. Luxury wellness treatments including Herbal touch, Balinese, Shushakti, Santosha, Puranta Bhoga, and Abhyanga are available at the Mudra spa.

Pushkar Bagh

The supremely luxurious Pushkar Bagh offers top-notch services and amenities. This resort in Pushkar has 30 premium and deluxe rooms and its on-site Surya Mahal Multi-cuisine restaurant serves delicious food. The staff will set up facilities for musical chairs, games like cricket, badminton, volleyball in sand dunes, and tug of war upon request, making it a fantastic choice for families with teenagers. It has a private pool and is one of Pushkar’s nicest resorts. Avoid missing the Rajasthani folk dance performances, the multicultural village safari, a dinner on the sand, yoga, and meditation.

Bhanwar Singh Palace

This heritage home, which can be found on the Ajmer Pushkar Bypass Road 10 minutes from Pushkar Sarovar, is a great place to spend a happy vacation. One of Pushkar’s premier resorts, Bhanwar Singh Palace is quite popular with tourists. The hotel is equipped with large party lawns that can hold up to 10,000 guests at once. On request, the palace organizes daring sports like camel safaris and horseback riding.

Dera Masuda

In reality, Dushyant Singh, a member of the Masuda royal dynasty, is the owner of Dera Masuda. It is unquestionably one of the greatest resorts in Pushkar, with views of the Aravali mountain ranges on one side of the hill and the Savitri Temple on the other. The resort’s pool and gardens boast stunning views of the sun setting. It is one of the greatest resorts in Pushkar and has a private pool where guests may unwind all day. Don’t forget to give your taste buds a royal feast at their exquisite dining establishment, Raj Days.

Aaram Baagh

Aaram Baagh offers a unique yet regal way of life. A charming, pollution-free hideaway, the resort is situated on the outskirts of Pushkar town. Aaram Baagh is proud of its accommodating personnel, gracious hospitality, and timely service. It is also among the greatest glamping locations in India, offering opulent tented lodging. One of Pushkar’s top resorts is this one. The unique Hammam swimming pool, vibrant cultural performances in the evening, and daily camel safaris are among the area’s attractions.

Sewara Pushkar Resorts

So, during their trip to India, Kate Winslet and Harrison Ford stopped at this home. And that explains why it would be wise to book a stay here. Fruit farms and a large amount of greenery surround Sewara Pushkar Resorts. It is situated on 15 acres of land and served as the Kochhar family’s final resting place. With its 40 tastefully appointed cottages, Pushkar Resort, which was constructed on an undulating topography, offers a choice of luxury, comfort, and economy stays.

Jagat Palace

The hotel Jagat Palace delivers a personalized touch of warmth and hospitality and is the ideal fusion of Rajasthani architecture and contemporary conveniences. The hotel’s building, which is made of yellow sandstone, has a colonial appearance. The rooms are roomy and come with all the necessities. The on-site restaurant serves only vegetarian food. 82 ultra deluxe rooms with traditional artifacts, hardwood work, and antique decor. Every accommodation has a private balcony that looks out over the Nag Parbat and is completely private.

Lohana Village Resort

The name of the Lohana Village Resort is taken from the Rajasthani village of Lohaniya. It is a posh tent hotel situated on 5 acres of open space. Despite being a 3-star hotel, it provides laundry facilities, parking, doctor-on-call services, and station shuttles.

Pushkar Resorts

The Pushkar Hill resort, which is situated on the Ajmer-Pushkar road, has forests on three sides. This resort is an intriguing and captivating place to stay because of the surrounding natural beauty and sprawling 2,70,000 sq ft area. The resort provides tented lodging with all contemporary comforts. Royal camping in opulent tents, unique nighttime performances featuring Rajasthani folk dance, music, and puppet shows, and free pick-up and drop-off services to the mela grounds are all available.

Garden of Dreams Pushkar

Your luxurious stay at the “Garden of Dreams Pushkar” is like having a fortress all to yourself with a backdrop of hills on one side and lush green meadows on the other! It is a modest, opulent, six-bedroom boutique property, as suggested by its name, located in a lovely setting in the center of Pushkar. There are three lovely, large terraces on the property, two of which are private and come with two of the rooms. The property can be hired as a whole or by the room. The rooms provide the utmost in comfort. There are high-quality heaters available to keep the rooms warm during the winter. Some of the rooms have beautiful, forested backsides that add to the boutique hotel’s overall charm. Every room has a balcony where you may relax and enjoy some hot tea or coffee. On the second story, in a room by the name of Suraj, is a gorgeous private patio. We provide a double bed and a bonfire on the terrace. On this terrace, a private dining arrangement for two can be made. One can practice a few asanas with the sound of birds singing in the background thanks to the on-site yoga shala.