• Maharashtra is a culturally rich state that is endowed with a diverse landscape, so if you’re¬†looking for the most popular tourist destinations there, be ready to be overwhelmed.¬†Maharashtra has something for everyone, whether you want to relax by the Marine Drive or¬†go into the Sahyadri mountains to take in the breathtaking vistas.¬†If you have never considered taking a holiday in Maharashtra, it is definitely time to do so in¬†order to appreciate the state’s beauty and return home with some of the priceless¬†experiences it provides. For a thorough and pleasant journey, check out this list of¬†Maharashtra’s top attractions.
    The top locations to visit in Maharashtra are listed below:

Lonavala, Maharashtra

  • Lonavala, a picturesque drive from both cities, is known for its mouthwatering chikki (an¬†Indian sweet consisting of nuts coated in jaggery or sugar syrup). The Pune-Mumbai¬†Expressway’s gorgeous, twisting roadways and lengthy tunnels are sufficient enough to¬†return to Lonavala time and time again. Even though Lonavala is a small hill town, it is¬†bordered by some of Maharashtra’s top tourist attractions, including Pawna Lake, Lohagarh¬†Fort, and Nana Lake,¬†Visapur Fort, Tiger’s Point, Bhaja Caves, Kune Falls, and Shree Narayani Dham Temple. In Lonavala, you may go camping and¬†hiking. If you are a couple you could always wear¬†couple t shirts¬†and travel.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Mumbai has many titles, and it lives up to each of them every day. Some of these labels¬†include Mayanagri, the city of dreams, the never-sleeping metropolis, India’s financial hub,¬†and Bollywood. Mumbai provides admirers of Gothic architecture with a visual treat because¬†to its abundance of well-preserved colonial-era architectural marvels. A simple ride on the¬†Mumbai local at rush hour would be a tale to tell for those who want to feel the charm of a¬†bustling city.

Pune, Maharashtra

  • Pune, the cultural center of Maharashtra, is revered by all Marathi people. The district alone has 17 forts, the most well-known of which are Shaniwar Wada, Singhagad Fort, and Purandar Fort. The Aga Khan Palace, which has a strikingly distinct appearance, served as a jail for Kasturba Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi shortly after the latter began the Quit India movement. For those who enjoy art, culture, and adventure, Pune is heaven.
Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra
  • This well-liked hill station is located in the picturesque Western Ghats and is well-known for¬†its breathtaking scenery, evergreen forests, waterfalls, and historic temples. When visiting¬†Mahabaleshwar, you may take a boat ride on Vienna Lake, hike to the Pratapgarh Fort at¬†dusk, explore Rajpuri Caves, indulge in freshly picked berries, and take stunning pictures¬†with the hills and valleys in the background.
Khandala, Maharashtra
  • Khandala, a town in Maharashtra not far from Lonavala, has become well-known due to a well-known Bollywood song. The hill station experiences excellent weather all year long, and during the monsoons, it turns lush green. The charming, tiny hill station provides views of magnificent peaks and stunning valleys, in addition to the clear lakes and lovely waterfalls. Karla and Bhanja Caves, Della Adventure Park, Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum, and Aadishakti Mata Temple are a few of Khandala’s well-known tourist destinations.
Matheran, Maharashtra
  • The lack of buses and automobiles on the roads in Matheran makes it a unique experience. You did read that correctly. Matheran does not permit automobiles, so the pathways are open for leisurely strolls. The town provides several hiking routes that lead to numerous lookout locations with enticing views of the mountains, dawn, and sunset. Charlotte Lake is the perfect place for camping and picnics.
Lavasa, Maharashtra
  • Lavasa is a private hill city that was created from nothing and is modeled after the Italian town of Portofino. This tidy, well-planned city has an impressive infrastructure and a European feel. Lavasa, which is spread across seven hills, is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Maharashtra because it provides breathtaking views of the lakes, hills, and valleys. Adventure seekers may test their skills in raft construction, rappelling, hiking, biking, and camping. One of Lavasa’s biggest attractions, Lakeshore Watersports, is a great spot to engage in various water sports.
Nashik, Maharashtra
  • One of Maharashtra’s most revered pilgrimage destinations is Nashik. According to a Hindu legend, Lord Rama spent his 14-year exile at Nashik. For Rama enthusiasts, a trip to Nashik would not be complete without stopping at the renowned Kalaram Temple, which houses a revered black figure of Lord Rama. Additionally, there are black sculptures of the goddess Sita and the deity Lakshmana inside the temple’s sanctum sanctorum. One of the four primary Kumbh Mela locations in Nashik. The event, which is held just once every 12 years, draws millions of followers from all around the world.
Shirdi, Maharashtra
  • Shirdi is a well-known pilgrimage destination and is situated in the Maharashtra district of Ahmednagar. Shirdi, the former residence of famed spiritual figure Sai Baba, draws a sizable following from all across the nation. Saitheerth, a park with a religious theme, is also located in Shirdi. Devotees can seek blessings at Shani Shingnapur, one of the most well-known Shani temples in India, in addition to the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple.
Panchgani, Maharashtra
  • This well-known hill resort, encircled by five hills, is renowned for its stunning waterfalls,¬†verdant forests, and succulent strawberries. If you enjoy vacations in the natural world,¬†Panchgani would be a great option. Don’t forget to add the UNESCO World Heritage Site¬†Kaas Plateau to your agenda when you visit Panchgani.
Alibaug, Maharashtra
  • This little seaside village in Maharashtra’s Konkan area is known as “Mini-Goa” and is a must-see. You may explore several temples and forts in Alibaug in addition to relaxing on its pristine and peaceful beaches. The most popular beach in the area, Alibaug Beach, provides breathtaking views of Kolaba Fort, the dawn, and the sunset. The beaches at Kihim and Nagaon are ideal for those who enjoy water sports and scenic photography. Don’t forget to add Vikram Vinayak Temple, Khanderi Fort, and Brahma Kund to your agenda for Alibaug.
  • While more traditional destinations like Nasik, Pune, and Shirdi give you a deeper understanding of the distinctive Maharashtrian culture, adventurous destinations like Malvan and Tadoba quickly raise your heart rate. Maharashtra, with its ideal fusion of customs, culture, adventure, and beauty, is no less than a tourist attraction. Here is all the information travelers need to know before their journey to Maharashtra if they’re thinking of taking a fast weekend excursion there.
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