Akshardham Temple Delhi Timings And Tickets Price

The Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple in Delhi stands as a testament to cultural harmony, spiritual solace, and architectural brilliance. This mesmerizing monument attracts millions of visitors every year, leaving them awestruck by its intricate carvings, awe-inspiring exhibitions, and serene atmosphere. If you’re planning a visit to this captivating site, here’s a quick guide to navigate timings and ticket prices:

Temple Timings:

  • Darshan (Visiting the main shrine):¬†10:00 AM to 6:30 PM (Closed on Mondays)
  • Aarti (Offering ceremony):¬†10:30 AM and 6:30 PM

Exhibition Timings:

  • Open from:¬†11:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Closed on Mondays)

Sahaj Anand Water Show Timings:

  • Shows:¬†7:45 PM and 8:45 PM (Closed on Mondays)

Ticket Prices (as of February 27, 2024):

  • Temple Entry:¬†Free
  • Exhibition:
    • Adults (12-64 years): Rs. 220
    • Children (4-11 years): Rs. 120
    • Senior Citizens (65+ years): Rs. 170
  • Sahaj Anand Water Show:
    • Adults (12-64 years): Rs. 80
    • Children (4-11 years): Rs. 50
    • Senior Citizens (65+ years): Rs. 80

Additional Tips:

  • Book your tickets online¬†in advance, especially during peak seasons, to avoid queues.
  • Plan to arrive early¬†for darshan or exhibition entry to avoid crowds.
  • Dress modestly,¬†covering your knees and shoulders, as it is a place of worship.
  • Pack light:¬†Large bags are not permitted inside the temple complex.
  • Photography is not allowed¬†inside the temple, but you can capture the breathtaking exteriors.

Beyond the Timings and Prices:

Akshardham offers an enriching experience that transcends just timings and prices. Here are some reasons why you should visit:

  • Marvel at the architectural wonder:¬†Witness the exquisite craftsmanship of sandstone and marble, intricately carved to depict stories and embody traditional Indian artistry.
  • Experience spiritual tranquility:¬†Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of the temple and participate in the aarti ceremony, finding inner peace.
  • Explore cultural heritage:¬†Uncover the rich tapestry of India through three captivating exhibitions. These innovative displays showcase the country’s values, achievements, and historical significance.
  • Be mesmerized by the water show:¬†Witness the “Sahaj Anand Water Show,” a stunning display of lights, synchronized water jets, and music, leaving you awestruck by its beauty and message of hope.

The Akshardham Temple welcomes visitors from all backgrounds, offering a unique experience that combines cultural immersion, spiritual connection, and artistic appreciation. Plan your visit with the timings and prices in mind, and prepare to be enchanted by this architectural marvel and its timeless message.

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