What are the Some Unknown Facts About Lord Krishna?

Beyond the Butter Thief: Unveiling Lesser-Known Facts About Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu, is one of Hinduism’s most beloved deities. Popularly known for his playful pranks as a child and his role as Arjuna’s charioteer in the Mahabharata, Krishna embodies many qualities. But beneath the familiar stories lie fascinating lesser-known facts that paint a more nuanced picture of this revered god.

  • The Many Names of Krishna: Krishna isn’t just Krishna! He has a staggering 108 names, each highlighting a different aspect of his personality. Some popular names include Govinda (protector of cows), Madhava (bringer of spring), and Mukunda (giver of liberation).

  • The Meaning Behind the Blue Hue: We often see Krishna depicted with blue skin. While some stories attribute this to being poisoned as a baby, the blue color actually signifies the vastness of the universe and Krishna’s all-encompassing presence.

  • A Prince (Not Just a Cowherd): While Krishna’s playful childhood with the Gopis is well-known, he was also a prince. Born into royalty, he was raised in a hidden village to protect him from his evil uncle Kansa.

  • The Power of Knowledge: Krishna wasn’t just strong and charming; he was also highly knowledgeable. He even revived his teacher’s dead son, showcasing his mastery over life and death.

  • Beyond Hinduism: Krishna’s reverence extends beyond Hinduism. He finds mention in Jainism as a valiant figure and appears in Buddhist Jataka tales as a legendary prince.

  • The Debate About Radha: Though Radha and Krishna’s love story is iconic, there’s little mention of her in ancient scriptures. The extent of their relationship remains a subject of debate and interpretation.

  • The Significance of the Peacock Feather: The peacock feather adorning Krishna’s crown isn’t just a fashion statement. It symbolizes purity, compassion, and awakening – qualities Krishna embodies.

  • A Multifaceted Wife Figure: Krishna is often depicted with 16,100 wives. However, the eight principal wives, known as Ashtabharya, hold more significance. Interestingly, some stories suggest these women were rescued by Krishna and given protection.

  • Krishna and the End Times: While Vishnu’s tenth avatar, Kalki, is often associated with the end times, some believe Krishna himself will return in this role to usher in a new era.

These are just a few of the many intriguing aspects of Lord Krishna. As you delve deeper into his stories, you’ll discover a complex and multifaceted deity who continues to capture the hearts and imaginations of millions.

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