5 Most Popular Trekking Adventure in Incredible India

India is a heaven for trekkers, having some of the most popular and oldest treks in the world. Every trek has its own significance and transforms you into a better version when you complete it. You learn a lot about your potential, things that give you peace, and much more. Trekking gives you the much needed dose of dopamine. Treks in India are mostly challenging but they are so rewarding with the scenic beauty of the places, the biodiversity etc. Trekking requires a different set of skills like walking through rugged plains, dense forest, climbing steep ascents, and sometimes hopping over boulders too. It doesn’t matter the trek you choose, you have to be informed about its difficulty level, the acclimatisation needed, weather conditions, things you need to pack and everything else. Being well prepared before starting the expedition makes it smooth and comfortable. Packing everything that you would need there is crucial. You can’t miss the essentials like trekking gears, clothes according to the weather, ID proofs, the required permits etc. at last but not the least, having a trek leader from a trusted trek organisation can make your journey informative and easy to do.

If you are confused about the trek that you can choose to start your wanderlust, then you are at the perfect place. Below, we have mentioned all the necessary information about 5 most popular treks of India.   

Kashmir great lakes trek

Covering a long distance of approximately 75 kilometres, Kashmir great lakes trek is one of the treks that is opted by many trekkers. The highlight of this trek is that throughout the trek, you get the visual of more than 6 lakes such as Vishansar Lake, Salasar Twin Lake, Gangabal lake. The trek begins from Nichai pass situated at an altitude of 11,500ft. After an altitude gain of about 2200 ft. the trek ends at Gangabal lake which is at 13,276 ft. above the sea level. The trek is moderate to difficult, requiring some past trekking experience for a comfortable journey. Summer season ( july to september) is the best time to plan your Kashmir Great Lakes trek as the temperature is moderate and weather is pleasant too. A well planned 9 days itinerary is an ideal one.

Tarsar Marsar trek

Tarsar Marsar trek begins from the stunning Aru valley( 7950 ft.) and makes its way to the Homwas( 13,165ft.) as it terminates. The trek is the most beautiful because of the two alpine lakes- Tarsar Lake and Marsar Lake. Camping near these two lakes is serene and you can relax here for the night. The trek is 40-45 kilometres in distance and takes 7-8 days to complete it. The difficulty level of Tarsar Marsar trek is moderate and it is suitable for an experienced trekker as well as a beginner. Acclimatisation is very necessary so that you don’t get prone to high altitude sickness. Your trek organiser is very important that they are local people who organise these treks hence they have in depth knowledge of the trek.

Valley of flowers trek

Located in Uttarakhand, Valley of flowers is one of the most famous treks of Northern india. The whole trek lies in the himalayan foothills. When you reach the valley, it looks like a carpet of flowers as the valley has almost 500+ varieties of gorgeous flowers. Beginning from Govindghat, the trek is easy to moderate in difficulty level. Although, the trek to Hemkund Sahib, Highest Gurudwara in the world, is a bit challenging. The trek is about 37 kilometres in distance and it takes a maximum 6 days to cover. From July to November, you can plan a valley of flowers trek for the best experience.

Roopkund Trek

Also known as ‘ skeleton trek’ , Roopkund trek is famous for a bizarre yet historic reason. The whole trek is undoubtedly mesmerising and full of beauty but the reason why the trek is called ‘Skeleton trek’ and the roopkund lake is called ‘mystery lake’ is because almost 500 human skeletons can be seen on the banks of the glacial lake. The extreme freezing weather of the place has stopped them from deteriorating. It is said that the skeletons of humans and horses and some other animals are from the Paleolithic age. Talking about the total distance of the trek, it is almost 55 kilometres, taking a maximum 8 days to complete it. The trek starts from Lohajung(7762 ft.) and terminates at the Roopkund lake(15575 ft.). It is suitable for a beginner as well as experienced trekker, although some trekking experience is much appreciated. 

Hampta Pass trek

Taking just 5 days, Hampta Pass trek is a trek known for its crossover of different landscapes like the green and lush valley of Kullu Manali and arid, lacking life landscapes of Chandra Valley in Lahaul. You will see the most dramatic yet beautiful face of nature here. Present in Himachal Pradesh, Hampta Pass trek starts from Jobra ( 9800 ft.) with Hampta Pass being the highest point of the trek situated at an altitude of 14100 ft.  The significance of the Hampta Pass trek is because of the presence of crescent shaped Chandratal lake. Soak in all the beauty of this lake when you reach there. The difficulty level of the trek is easy to moderate and even beginners can do it. The trek starts at Manali and ends in Manali too.   

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