Dewri Mandir, also known as Maa Dewri Mandir, is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Durga located in the village of Diuri, near Tamar, in the Ranchi district of Jharkhand, India. It is situated on the Tata-Ranchi Highway (NH33), approximately 60 kilometers from Ranchi city.

Dewri Mandir Tamar Address

Diuri Village, Tamar, Ranchi, Jharkhand, 834001, India

Dewri Mandir Tamar Timing




5 am–8 pm


5 am–8 pm


5 am–8 pm


5 am–8 pm


5 am–8 pm


5 am–8 pm


5 am–8 pm

History of Dewri Mandir

The temple is cloaked in whispers of ancient times. Local lore claims its origins stretch back to the epic Mahabharata, with the Pandavas themselves seeking solace within its walls during their exile. Whispers even suggest Emperor Ashoka, seeking divine strength before the Kalinga War, knelt here in 260 BCE.

More recent tales speak of a Tamar king, guided by a dream, uncovering a hidden temple in Deori around the 18th century. Villagers, following his vision, unearthed a small temple and an ancient stone statue of Durga, igniting the worship that continues to this day.

Dewri Mandir Significance

  • The temple is renowned for its 700-year-old idol of Goddess Durga, depicted with 16 hands (unlike the usual 10 hands).
  • It is believed to be one of the oldest temples in the region and holds immense significance for the local people.
  • The temple draws a large number of devotees throughout the year, especially during the Navratri and Dussehra festivals.

Dewri Mandir Unique Features

  • The original temple structure was built without using any cement or mortar, showcasing remarkable ancient architectural techniques.
  • The temple complex also houses a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Notably, the temple follows a unique tradition where six tribal priests, known as Pahans, perform rituals alongside the Brahmin priests.

Visiting the Dewri Temple Tamar

  • The temple is open to visitors all days of the week.
  • Several small shops selling offerings and refreshments are located near the temple.
  • If you’re planning a visit, consider combining it with other nearby attractions like the Sun Temple and Dassam Falls.

Things To Remember While Visiting Dewri Mandir Tamar

  • Remember to dress modestly and respectfully when visiting the temple.
  • Photography inside the sanctum sanctorum is generally not allowed.
  • It’s advisable to check the temple’s timings and any specific darshan procedures before your visit.

How to Reach Dewri Mandir Tamar Ranchi

Reaching Dewri Mandir in Tamar, Ranchi, involves different options depending on your starting point and preferred mode of travel. Here’s a breakdown:

By Road(From Ranchi): The temple is approximately 60 kilometers from Ranchi city center. The most convenient way to reach by road is via the Tata-Ranchi Highway (NH33). The journey takes about 1.5 to 2 hours depending on traffic conditions. You can either drive yourself, hire a taxi, or take a state transport bus.

From Other Locations: If you’re coming from other cities like Jamshedpur, Kolkata, or Bokaro, you’ll need to first reach Ranchi and then follow the directions mentioned above. Alternatively, you can check for direct bus services from your city to Tamar and inquire about their route and drop-off point near the temple.

By Train: The nearest railway station to Dewri Mandir is the Ranchi Junction railway station. From there, you can take a taxi or hire a local rickshaw to reach the temple, which is about 20 kilometers away.

By Air: The nearest airport is Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi. From the airport, you can take a prepaid taxi or hire a cab to reach the temple, which is approximately 80 kilometers away.

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